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Advantages of Rabbit Farming

  •   Handling of animals is easy as the body size is small.
  •  Small space required on comparing to any other animals and can be rare in villages, towns as well as cities.
  •  Working capital is low because of its green consumption and less grains.
  •  Costs of Rabbits are very less.
  •  Fast reproductive features as more then 5-6 times from one female in one year.
  •  Rabbits can get 2.5 kg body weight within 100 days and having good conversion ability of food in to body weight (Feed conversion ration)
  •  Rabbit meat is the best meat because of cholesterol free (only 0.3%) and tender, Tasty.
  • More than 180 recipes can be prepared with rabbit meat.
  •  Transporting of rabbits are easy as well as transportations (Both delivery and buy back) are handled by Swayam Krishi Modern Farm.

Available facilities in SMF:

  •  Good breeding rabbits from and also good breeding varieties.
  •  Training and Information (without training fees)
  •  Marketing (Buy back) with an agreement (1 to 10 years).
  •  Purchase of meat rabbits and selling.
  •  Door delivery and buyback at door step.
  •   Along with rabbits, mesh cages, medicines, Plastic bowls are delivers.

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